MHE Charger-Electrical Upgrade


Next plc has multiple warehouse and distribution facilities across the UK, each is equipped with an MHE fleet appropriate for the stock and operational profile of each site. Next wanted to upgrade some of the fleet, to the latest Jungheinrich technology and purchased 40 x new trucks. The new MHE trucks were the latest Lithium Ion battery technology which meant that Next needed to upgrade the electrical infra-structure at each of the sites to accommodate the new fleet. Nine sites spread across the UK were chosen to receive the new units.

The Lynx Group were appointed to coordinate the deployment and installation of the new trucks with all stakeholders. Lynx Project Management Solutions then managed, designed and co-ordinated the project. In turn Lynx Electrical Solutions carried out the onsite installations.

Phase 1 Pre-Construction

Liaise with the various Next site operational management teams to arrange electrical surveys and confirm locations of any new charging equipment and check that existing charging equipment was located correctly for their operation.

Any changes to existing or site requirements were addressed as part of the installation works. Lynx Project Management Solutions also worked directly with the Jungheinrich delivery team to confirm MHE truck and charger type, so the electrical specification for the required infra-structure could be assessed. In addition, initial delivery dates were discussed as the Jungheinrich trucks would be delivered straight from the production facilities, so it was imperative that the electrical works were ready to enable the new trucks to be charged.

Once Lynx Electrical Solutions had surveyed all the sites, prepared the work schedules and determined the associated costs to carry out the electrical works, a programme was developed. The programme was based on the known target delivery dates from Jungheinrich.

Finally, this was agreed with Jungheinrich, such that the truck delivery, along with their chargers, could align with the electrical install.

The programme schedule was communicated with each of the Next site operational management teams along with all appropriate health and safety documentation, in advance of commencement of works.

Phase 2 Deployment

Over a period of 8 weeks, the electrical infra-structure works and the MHE truck deliveries took place, as planned.

Each installation was tested and documented as it was completed. Thank you everyone involved


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