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Energy Monitoring

Our team can fit a range of energy saving devices and equipment into industrial and commercial properties.

The Energy Health Check, Energy Audit and the data from Circuit Level Monitoring will highlight a number of behavioural factors and equipment changes that will provide an energy saving.

You may also have your own ideas about where energy is being wasted. Working with our Energy Check Team, who are all NICEIC approved and DBS checked, we can advise, devise and undertake any refit projects needed to realize energy savings.

The Energy Check Teamwork covers a wide range of projects from simple timer switches to complete lighting refurbishments.

For example, a typical lighting check would involve:

  • Fitting low energy lighting
  • Fitting occupancy/motion sensors that turn lights on and off automatically.
  • Staff education to make sure that lights get switched off when not in use.
  • Timers fitted to automatically turn lights off out-of-hours
  • Dimmable controls that sense the sunlight coming in and reduce the power going to controls maintaining the correct lux-level while reduce your energy consumption.

We help businesses get more value out of their energy contracts, reduce their energy consumption and lower their carbon footprint.