Selby Renovation

Site Facts

Building Owner

Kingspan Insulation


Sherburn in Elmet, Leeds

System Size

2.5 MWp


15,000 m2

Project Type




Completion Date

March 2014

Installation Time

3 Months

Selby Renovation

Project Summary

In 2013 a building products manufacturing plant for high-performance insulation materials belonging to Kingspan Insulation in Selby, West Yorkshire, was chosen by the Group to be upgraded with a roof mounted PV system.

The building however, needed a comprehensive programme of improvement with its old roof, inefficient lighting and a poor overall EPC rating of an ‘F’.

Roof Renovation

First and foremost, the building required a replacement of the existing ineffective and inefficient roof with an enhanced insulated system.

30,000 m2 of high-performance Kingspan Trapezoidal Roof insulated panels have been chosen to replace the old roof, delivering a low infiltration and weatherproof solution.

PV System Installation

This was followed by an installation of an impressive rooftop solar PV system of a total size of 2.467 MWp.

As part of its turnkey service, the Kingspan Energy expert team of PV engineers carried out detailed surveys of the structural strength of the roof. They designed, positioned and installed the systems’ arrays to ensure maximum performance.

The solar PV array covers over 15,000 m2 of the roof space (equivalent to two and a half football pitches) and is expected to generate 2.14 GWh of electricity per annum, making a significant contribution to powering the plant’s electricity needs.

The client also decided to opt for a 100% Kingspan Energy funded solution, that allowed for the system installation without any upfront capital cost involved (within the same build program as roof replacement).

Lighting Sytem Upgrades

Finally, a full LED lighting system upgrade took place. Kingspan Smart-Lite lighting system will allow to achieve major financial and environmental benefits and together with the roof mounted PV system, will provide the building with an effective and efficient solution to all of its energy needs

Project Savings

Expected savings for the renovated building due to enhanced roof insulation, Solar PV and LED lighting system over the next 25 years amount to:
▪ Energy 79.2 Gwh (equivalent to 6,980 homes)
▪ Cost £5.2 million
▪ Emissions 34,895 tonnes

Enhanced EPC & Breem Ratings

As a result of the project, the building’s BREEAM rating has leaped from a non-existing ‘Nil’ to a ‘Very Good’ and its EPC rating has increased from an ‘F’ to an ‘A’.

Property Benefits

The new insulated roof is guaranteed for 25 years and the building owner has the right to use electricity generated by the PV system at below market rates.

Following the project completion a whole suite of additional benefits became immediately available to the business, including:

Reduced & future-proofed operational costs and emissions
Increased property asset market value
Enhanced Green Building & EPC rating
Improved occupier/staff comfort & productivity
Improved tenant lease-out attractiveness
Enhanced business image & CSR reporting
The scale of the work undertaken, the short time frame of completion and the fact that the entire project has been delivered by a single provider, Kingspan Energy, makes Selby a truly unique project.